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Excited for dessert? Vikings will have all these decadent courses spread out from August 11 to 17. Take pleasure in!

Cheesecake Sampler Vikings Cheesecake Sampler

Vikings Cheesecake sampler is a joy to partake. It’s deliciously creamy and dreamy. Each decadent piece is top with luscious banana preserve and mango bits. Enjoy the sweet life!

Leche Flan Vikings Leche Flan

It’s smooth and velvety and it’s top with fresh mangoes and watermelon. A Filipino classic taste of pleasure one can always indulge in.

 Brazo de Durian photo Vikings1.jpg

A delightful option to the classic brazo roulade. The Durian flavor is just so subtle that even non durian eaters can delightfully put up with it. A must pick!

Mango Sansrival photo Vikings8.jpg 

Here’s another dessert without rival, the Vikings Mango Sansrival. Indulge with this classic sweetness without so much guilt as it’s relished with fresh and sweet Davao mangoes. Go spoil yourself!

All these will be available for feasting from August 11 to 17, 2014

Vikings Luxury Buffet is at the
Ground Level of SM Lanang Premier,
Lanang, Davao City
For Reservations visit their Facebook Page

Friday, August 8, 2014



In the know:  Vikings SM Lanang  also offers Traveler's Discount this Kadayawan season. To know more about this promo head on to their Facebook page here;

Alright, and so for your Entrée, you’ll have the most lavish Filipino spread ever this Kadayawan. Starting off with the Vegetable Entrée.

 Laing at Tinapa  Vikings Laing at Tinapa  


Gising-Gising Vikings Gising-Gising  

If you want a taste of Bicol, these dishes are certainly a must pick. All two dishes mentioned above are extra hot and spicy and it’ll definitely make you all awake right through your dining exploration at Vikings. You should try it!

Noodle and Rice 

 Filipino Paella  Filipino Paella  

If you crave for a Filipinized valenciana, then this dish is for you. It’s filled with rich flavor befitted the Filipino palate. Rice palang ulam na! It’s so good.



No need to drive to your favorite Chinese noodle house and get a take home Sate Mi. At Vikings, you’ll have a platterful of the most flavorful and so ‘masahog’ noodle in your life. Tradition has it, you should have this on your birthday for a long life, which coincidentally you can have a whole tray of this for free!

Bihod Pasta Bihod Pasta  

Davao has the abundance of bihod (fish eggs). I should know, I do family marketing every single Sunday. And to have this on my noodle spaghetti is kind of unusual for me. But then, food fusion is something you shouldn't be surprised about, but instead should be appreciated and relished down to the last bite. And guess what? I carbo load to the max. It’s so good, trust me, forget about your diet, we only live once. Try a pasta with a bihod on it, para maiba naman!

Seafood Entree 

Ginataang Alimango Ginataang Alimango  

We Pinoys really love our crabs in coconut milk, right? Indeed! They’re best eaten with bare hands and with a heaping freshly cooked rice on the side. Vikings Davao have this appetizing dish in their Kadayawan menu and take note, you can eat all you can eat. Don’t forget to kindly ask your waiter for a crab cracker. And, just work on those extra pounds later. Revel in!

Poultry Entree

Adobong Manok Adobong Manok  

According to Chef Adam, this is not your usual adobo. It’s twice cooked - fried, marinated and cooked to tender perfection. Indeed, the essences sip in to the poultry making it so deep in flavor. If you’re a non-Filipino national and would want to experience an authentic Filipino adobo culture, then Vikings version is something you should try. Lami jud siya, lahi ra!

Rellenong Manok sa Mangosteen Sauce 

Rellenong Manok sa Mangosteen Sauce
This dish is my personal favorite.  I love stuffed food, they’re effortless to eat. Wala ka ng himayin. What more if it’s a stuffed chicken with yet again another atypical sauce that comes with it - the  Mangosteen Sauce. 

August is the season of this fruit and they’re all over hanging the wayside of the city. I think the Chefs are making the most out of the local produce and they’ve come up with this sweet and tarty royal sauce. I really like it to the moon and back. It’s really delicious. I should come back for this. Promise!

Beef|Mutton Entree

Beef Steak Tagalog Beef Steak Tagalog  

Experience beef steak tagalog tenderness in your plate, Vikings will let you have it. You shouldn’t miss this for the world! Malambot at masarap!

Spicy Baked Calderetang Kambing Spicy Baked Calderetang Kambing

If you want a taste of your hometown caldereta leveled up, Vikings Spicy Baked Calderetang Kambing is all up to satisfy you. It’s one thick, flavorsome knock out provincial goodness you shouldn't miss trying. I love it paired with the usual up-size iced soda on the side. Burrrp!

Inihaw na Imbao  photo vikings63.jpg

Bless the hands who prepared this seafood goodness, ordinary shell made extraordinarily palatable. It’s really good. Highly recommended!

Baby Back Ribs in Durian Barbecue Sauce  photo vikings64.jpg

There has been countless of recipes listed that incorporate what Davao is famous for, Durian. And let’s list this Baby Back Ribs as one of them. We have tried Mangosteen sauce in a stuffed chicken, this time a Durian sauce on top of a barbequed baby back ribs. So you ask, how does it taste?

I think the sweet section in my tongue map is the widest, lol, that’s why I like it a lot. It’s generally on the sweet side, both sauces are sweet actually that’s why it draws me. But I’ll leave the comment section below for your review. I would love to read what's your tongue's take on this.


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Thursday, August 7, 2014



Davao City will be celebrating yet again another good harvest this year. Exciting, fun and delectable activities are now happening here and there all over the city. Tourists and local alike are pleasantly enjoined to go out and enjoy these happenings as Kadayawan Festival only happen once a year. And what can be more fun than indulging in sumptuous food Davao City is known to have. 

And because this is a good time to go out with visiting friends, homegrown friends and family, your favorite buffet restaurant, Vikings has prepared a special Kadayawan menu everyone can enjoy to their hearts delight. 

Davao Bliss was one lucky earthling to have sampled these dishes and let me show you what’s on Vikings buffet counter starting August 11 to 17. 

Vikings Kadayawan menu is composed mainly of all-time Filipino favorites. And for starters, you’ll have choices of the following classic Filipino cuisine. 

 Piniritong Lumpiang Tinapa at ManggaVikings' Davao Piniritong Lumpiang Tinapa at Mangga

It may look like your typical lumpia, but Vikings’ had it leveled up. I love the hint of smoked fish and the sweet Mangga in it. The flavor in general is more on the sweet side so it suits me well. The garlic and or spicy vinegar dip best compliment the taste. Recommended! 

Ensaladang Talong with Malunggay PestoVikings' Davao Ensaladang Talong with Malunggay Pesto 

To be honest, I’m not really a Talong (eggplant) person, yeah, shame on me. Blame it to the saggy texture of the eggplant meat. But I know many of you out there who are health conscious and or simply grew up in your mama’s kitchen have this dish from time to time on your table. Yes, it’s your usual ensaladang talong but with a Malunggay Pesto twist on the side. Isn’t it an interesting add-on to your usual talong? The healthiest bend your familiar ensaladang talong can ever have. Scoop a spoonful or two. 

Balot A la Pobre Pate Vikings' Davao Balot A la Pobre Pate  

There’s another way to eat your classic street balot out of the shell. That is to grab a bite or two of this thinly sliced bread topped with ground balot fused with an assortment of herbs and spices in it. The balot smell in the paste has mellowed and I must say this dish is a conclusive example of food amalgamation of the high and the low. Balot leveled up! 

Bagnet Salad Vikings' Davao Bagnet Salad 

Oh, for the love of crackling pork. If you’re craving for a crackling comfort, this all-time Ilocos favorite is an answer to that. Vikings’ version is full and flavorful. Dig in! 

Vikings Special Kinilaw Vikings' Davao Special Kinilaw 

Yet again another timeless Filipino favorite, kinilaw. Other than this is served with only the freshest catch from the seas of Davao, Vikings has enhanced it as you can see, adding Davao’s famous Suha and seagrasses in it. The mixture of spices, seasonings and notable zings in it went perfectly blended  transcending the classic. A must pick!

And for the soup, you’ll definitely enjoy the warmth of these all too familiar potage.

Balbacua Vikings Balbacua 

Vikings’ Kadayawan edition of Balbacua is tender, rich and intense. Experience your usual wayside favorite dish on a full-bodied level. Vikings’ has a ceaseless supply of beer that goes well with this dish and of course don’t forget to bring a buddy-buddy to share this with. A must eat! 

 Pancit Molo Vikings Pancit Molo 

Another Filipino tradition in a bowl is Pancit Molo. One of the delicious soup options you can have on August 11.


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