Of Pepper Lunch and Papal Stories

Jan 20, 2015

Nothing really big happening on this earthling’s life lately, well, apart from being glued to my television set for the past days owing to the Pope’s visit. It’s overwhelming to see the sea of humanity, the of ocean of Catholic faithfuls flocking the streets of Manila and braving the rains just to get a glimpse of the People’s Pope, Pope Francis. 

I understand where the high energy is coming from and I know that when all is said and done it’ll all settle down to muscle aches and pains due to long standing and enduring. I know right, a cousin just came home from her Papal volunteership and bought all these homeopathic oils and rubs from Quiapo. (You can buy alternative boiron products here, just in case you have a chance to go online)

But more than anything, is everyone’s cooperation and the organizer’s teamwork that made this event a record-breaking success.

Anyway, had a papal-story filled lunch on Saturday and shared these yummies. I’m a constant of this resto and had my all-time favourite Beef Teriyaki.

Pepper Lunch in Davao is at
The Peak of Gaisano Mall,
Bajada, Davao City.


Dec 23, 2014

For quite some time only members of S&R Membership Shopping got to enjoy their New York Style Pizza, large finger fries and their famed bottomless soda. 

But today, this exclusivity comes to a close as S&R opens a stand-alone pizza parlor at the Ground Floor Resto Row of Abreeza Ayala Mall here in Davao City.

S&R VP Kelly Ricks (Middle) led the ribbon cutting during the opening on Dec. 20.

This is S&R's initiative to reach out to Davaoenos and other pizza lovers who don't have membership cards. With the opening of this stand-alone pizza parlor, one doesn't need to secure membership to get to try all their all-time, mouth-watering pizza and other food offerings. This joint will allow you to order as many pizzas, fries and salads as you want. 

A slice of Cheese Pizza with 16oz soda at P109 is a meal deal. 
Spacious and well-lit dining area

S&R members definitely will have a good catch - just present your membership ID and you're entitled to a 5% discount on all food orders all-year-round.

All-time Favorite Cheese Pizza
Flavorful Shrimp and Garlic Pizza
Sadly you can't have a bottomless drink pleasure here.
Bottomless drink can only be availed at the main store in Matina
and you need to be a member to enjoy it.

So if you're craving for a New York Style Pizza, you don't need to go down south and even have a card to enjoy it, this downtown and convenient, spacious pizza parlor in Abreeza will definitely please your pizza cravings. 

Abreeza Ayala Mall 
Ground Level Resto Row, Bajada, Davao City

What's your travel music?

Oct 20, 2014

When uploads, downloads, iPods and iPads weren’t a thing yet, I used to have this Sony Walkman my mom bought me on my 18th birthday as my wealth for playlist. Owning that thing before was as ecstatic as you first own a latest iPad model today. You felt like you owned the most coveted thing this world has ever fashioned. 

A cassette tape only has at the most 18 tracks, all of Side A and Side B. I also have to wary about battery usage. I roll a pen at the cassette tape hole instead of pressing forward and reverse to get to the song I wanted a replay. Now, I couldn’t help but smile at my 90s self, so much effort. 

 photo Travel-Songs.jpg
Beyond Davao: Tree tunnel, Siquijor Island

I thought I’m lucky I’ve lived this space and followed how this music technology has evolved. Although, I haven’t really picked all of the products that showcased this part, not even a piece or two of ebs effects at musician'sfriend.com, as obviously, I’ll get poorer by the day if I’ll do. At least I’ve gotten the what I called benchmark technology for all of these – my iPad. After owning an iPad and have gotten the handle of how to exploit it music wise, I can’t thank the genius for changing my world. 

Moreso, the uploads and downloads that loads the same with thousands of country music that I can’t live without. That even if I rounded my destination twice, It wouldn’t be enough time to be able to hear all of them play. Got a hundred and more ‘Safe and Sound’ like hits in my travel playlist. Care to share yours?