Monday, October 20, 2014

What's your travel music?

When uploads, downloads, iPods and iPads weren’t a thing yet, I used to have this Sony Walkman my mom bought me on my 18th birthday as my wealth for playlist. Owning that thing before was as ecstatic as you first own a latest iPad model today. You felt like you owned the most coveted thing this world has ever fashioned. 

A cassette tape only has at the most 18 tracks, all of Side A and Side B. I also have to wary about battery usage. I roll a pen at the cassette tape hole instead of pressing forward and reverse to get to the song I wanted a replay. Now, I couldn’t help but smile at my 90s self, so much effort. 

 photo Travel-Songs.jpg
Beyond Davao: Tree tunnel, Siquijor Island

I thought I’m lucky I’ve lived this space and followed how this music technology has evolved. Although, I haven’t really picked all of the products that showcased this part, not even a piece or two of ebs effects at musician', as obviously, I’ll get poorer by the day if I’ll do. At least I’ve gotten the what I called benchmark technology for all of these – my iPad. After owning an iPad and have gotten the handle of how to exploit it music wise, I can’t thank the genius for changing my world. 

Moreso, the uploads and downloads that loads the same with thousands of country music that I can’t live without. That even if I rounded my destination twice, It wouldn’t be enough time to be able to hear all of them play. Got a hundred and more ‘Safe and Sound’ like hits in my travel playlist. Care to share yours?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Davao City all in - Splendid mountain view, stunning beaches and vibrant city

Got plans to visit Davao City? Then you’re planning it right. My Davao City has everything you need to unwind. We’re like compact sedan; everything you need for an affordable comfort is here. 

45 minutes out of urban Davao and you get a relaxing respite in the mountains and a splendid view of the city. 

 photo Eden-Mountain-Resort.jpg 

And when you decide to enjoy the sun, just a 5-minute boat ride is all you need to get to the most stunning beaches in the country. Get your swimwears ready, this website has everything you need to go beaching. 

 photo Beaches-in-Davao.jpg 

 Urban Davao also offers convenient tourists essentials, from world-class to budget-friendly hotels, local and international food, shopping and walk-throughs and above all, pleasant people headed by the country’s finest political leader, Rudy Duterte. 

 photo Shopping-Davao.jpg 

So pack your bags today and take the first flight down south and if you happen to blog, Davao Bliss would be more than happy to meet a fellow in this industry. 

Welcome to Davao!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The controversial Kadayawan 2014 Invasion Party video

This is kind of late post, but for the sake of online archive I just have to post a short video of that controversial Kadayawan 2014 Invasion Party. Not a video though on the Ramon Bautista ‘Hipon’ contentious remark but just a short vid of what went along the ground before that incident. That issue actually is now water under the bridge, both Mayor and Ramon has gotten goodwill. 

Spectrum, the main producer of the party brought in the best DJs in the country to rave in the most spectacular light show and electronic music on the occasion. I’m in no age actually to party hard, but thanks to Smart Communications for bringing us in here, free. It was real fun. I wish I had one DJ friend who can make music out of the box, it was awesome. Anyway, since there’s none maybe I can just work with my neighbor’s awesome talent to party with string instruments on stage and rave in daylight. Just a little segue, if you’re interested to have one you can Mail your order today! here for a nice instrument to get started with. 

Anyway, here’s the video, iPad isn't really a good gadget to get a night capture but enjoy as I enjoy putting my hands in the air the whole time I was there.

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