BAKOD NI JUAN (Juan’s Fence)

Throughout the history of humankind, many great nations and empires sought to erect fences and barricades of different kinds all to achieve certain strategic objectives.

And those were not just mere structures that regulate entries and exits, but walls, fences or barriers that carry a great deal of symbolism.

The Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, the Perimeter Fence that divides US and Mexico, Israel’s security fence, the fence that was built by the Soviets and East Germans to block out the West and then became a symbol of the Cold War … and the list goes on of the many political angles of fence.

Those mentioned were great, strong fences that made history, what about these? Do these fences represent also strong political echo of the lives of common pinoys (Juan) in this part of the country? I really think so!


  1. talagang history ang bakod ni juan. pababa ka pa lang ng airport kitang kita mo na ang mga bakod ni juan. sana hindi lang sa info media magaling ang mga politiko. hope they could make it better para mabago ang bakod ni juan

  2. Hi Life Moto, salamat sa dalaw! yes, sana man lamang itong taon nato matagpuan na natin yung makapag-bago ng bakod ni Juan.

  3. ang bakod ni juan kahit ganyan lang iyan ay safe iyan kasi walang magnanakaw..walan naman kasing puwedeng manakaw..pero ang sa mga politiko na bakod pinatataas pa talaga kasi ayaw na manakaw ang ninakaw nilang yaman..

  4. Hi Vernz, I love the fence photos, see fences like that on my way to the Jordan Wharf here in Guimaras. I think they are unique to the Philippines, have never seen anything quite like them anywhere else.