A marker at the Philippine Eagle Center

This is SIR ARNY, one of the Philippine Eagles (Pithecophaga jefferyi) held captive and conserved at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Calinan, he was hatched on February 4, 2002 and was adopted by NOVARTIS Animal Health Sector. Unfortunately he has not found his mate yet and according to the experts at the center, he has not manifested any indications that he will be allowed to be freed to the forests.

This post is dedicated to my virtual friend Arvin U. de la Pena of Written Feelings who likes eagles because according to him, even if they have the same feathers they don’t fly together, (and eagles are very territorial too) not like other birds of the same feather that they fly together, in the same manner corrupt people fly together. Indeed! Arvin, you poked it right on the spot.


  1. sana maalagaan ng ating pamahalaan ang mga agila. maging sa mga tao ay dapat maging mapagmatyag sila sa mga nanghuhuli nito at binebenta sa black market. baka kasi one wala na tayong eagle pride.

    love this post vernz.

  2. RAwr. ! ^^. hehe. hello mama vernz.
    Nasan ang agila? ^^./ Bawal flash sa agila. hehe

    about your comment:
    hala. tae ka. bakit mo binanggit name ni "You know who."wahahha...
    Totoo naman e. ^^ pili ka maayos ha? nga pala, ung link mo na erase. add nalang kta ult ok? Take Care. Maraming Salamt! ^^

  3. hi Life, thanks for dropping by... yes in fairness to our government kahit kulang sa budget been doing everything to conserve this pride of ours ...

    Glenn, yes no gray matters for me, Villar is Villar, Aquino is Aquino ... they can't play around with voter's now!

  4. ilang taon ang tinatagal ng mga agila..umaabot ba sila ng 30 years..kung umaabot ay ilang termino din iyon ng mga politiko,hehe..

  5. the last few lines caught me.. nice! i so much agree... Kudos to Arvin and to you =) thanks for this post...

  6. hello mam very updated blogssss...keep it up..happy new year