If I have to enumerate the benefits of a tree then it would be an essay. Needless to say this city just lost tons of it.

According to the old folks here, this Acacia tree was about 40 years old when it was hacked down to give way to a modern building like this.


  1. Ouch! That really hurt! We also have an Acacia Tree at our Town Plaza it was over a hundred years! Everybody in the Town loves it and took care of it! Until Milenyo Came and hit us straight! It went down and crushed nearby buildings down. Everybody was not sad because of the damages but we felt devastated that the tree was gone :( But our Local Government hired a Sculptor and sculpted the remains of the tree trunk with the image of St. Francis of Assisi, Our Patron Saint :D

    I Love Trees. Very very sad fact that they start too get gone :( But it's okay, atleast there are people like us who are ready to help Mother Nature and plant Trees for the Next generation.

    Mabuhay and Hope to see you back on Cavite Daily Photo! I really liked your post!


  2. It is sad to know that they have to sacrifice one tree for some building. They could just have let it grow old.

  3. It is so disturbing to see these beautiful living trees cut down for some building.