This is a perimeter fence of Sta. Ana Elementary School along Oyanguren St.; the administrators have this mural instead of ‘post no bill’ signs as unscrupulous individuals normally vandalized this wall with not so good words that are not appropriate for elementary kids. And it turned out to be very attractive.



  1. it is very attractive in a midst of a wet street, hope it brightens up the student's day too

  2. That is so pretty! Such a great artist who painted it, happy to see when you are going to school!

  3. Hi Vernz, it is really very attractive. The murals breaks the monotonous white color school fence. Thanks for the visit!

    The petal

  4. very attractive indeed Vernz!

  5. kapag mag umpisa na ang kampanya para sa mga local position ay tiyak didikitan iyan ng mga sticker ng mga kandidato..mapuno iyan ng mga mukha ng mga politiko..mapabagito man o trapo.hehe..

  6. Lindz, yes I thought of that too!

    Debbie, on normal school days this wall are full of children...

    Ruth, thanks for dropping by!

    Manang Kim, walang ano man... as always that flower you got as very gorgeous..

    Jan, thanks for dropping by.

    Arvin, aking kaibigan di naman siguro sobra na talaga sila, e kung mukha kaya nila ang dikitan ...LOL (gaya ko lang sa ads)

  7. Sweet! I hope the vandals don't write on this one.

    It's strange, but I've noticed here that if a wall has a mural, vandals don't write or draw graffiti on it.

  8. this is interesting sis! I use to pass Uyanguren before when visiting davao..sayang wala koy mga pix niadto...i mean gamay ra diay...

    sure ex-links are welcome...i'll let you know asap when I am done adding ur blogs.

    hit me back too, when ur done with my 8 blogs...thanks daan..ingatz!