After the El Nino here comes La Nina, if you can remember I was posting here several photos of me wishing for the rain to come. And now here it comes. Taken near Agdao Flyover.


This is our charming little museum here in Davao City, it houses few relics of Davao's past. The city government and some other private entities here are still working to better this museum so that when you come around, we can offer you some place worth visiting.

Museo Dabawenyo is located along Magallanes St., right at the the back of the Sangguniang Panglungsod Building.


Just few of the stunning decors inside Krua Thai, it’s a Thai restaurant along Torres St. of this city and their food is great. When in Davao and want to experience authentic Thai cuisine, Krua Thai is a perfect stop.


.... Sunday morning along Roxas Avenue of this city.


Yeah, this is Davao’s Big Ben, this clock tower is planted right at the front of San Pedro Cathedral of this city but seems like this has already been forgotten. This is a project of the Lions Club as the logo indicates. But when you get to see the clock don’t ever dare to use it as your time reference, but if you wish to let your time stand still, this is your perfect clock.


You are seeing a long stretch of footbridge towards the jetty of pumpboats going to the Island Garden City of Samal. This island is home to various resorts and spas one can truly enjoy when visiting this island.

See more pretty skies HERE.


Sen Ton Whan is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants here in the city; their parking is so spacious fit for a highway driver like me, LOL! It’s about two months already that I had not dined in here. On the night I took this photo I just waited for someone to come out from that resto door.

When in the city and looking for a sumptuous authentic Chinese cuisine? Sen Ton Whan is a must visit, they are conveniently located at Victoria Plaza Parking grounds along JP Laurel Ave.


I attended a birthday party the other night held at one of the halls of Davao Convention and Trade Center. While loitering along the hall I spotted a friend who also had feasted on a wedding reception of her cousin’s wedding at the other hall, she had invited me to get inside, well, that’s how it is in the Philippines, I was invited by the invited. I actually did not took part of the eating I just congratulated the newly weds whom I knew some years back. But before I slipped out of the hall I took a souvenir shot of their wedding decoration.

Davao Convention and Trade Center is along Torres St. of this city.


I was browsing some of my comments when I’ve read Emilie Esnault, the Content and Community Manager of Travelavenue.com’s comment informing me that this blog has been chosen as one of their blog favorites this year.

Travel Avenue is a site that offers various information and guide of would-be travelers and traveling around the globe. Here you can find information about top hotels, posh restaurants, top destinations and some activities you are most interested to know happening around the world. Curious? Click on the Travel Avenue button to visit their site.

Travelavenue.com - favorite blog 2010

I started this blog with just a mere thought of letting all my stocked photos out, but least I realized I will be meeting a lot of friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD and moreso, get listed on some other sites like Travel Avenue.

To those people who are in one way or the other has inspired me to continue on with this hobby, if I may call it that, especially the listed ones on my sidebar, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


This giant umbrella was originally yellow in color, but I manipulated it to turn mono, and love how it turned out. I took this at Yellow Cab, Inc.

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Happy Weekend.


I’m back from a 4-day respite due to some technical problems my internet connection had encountered. Out of sadness that I cannot update my blog, we went out for some comfort food at one of Davao’s resto strips at Damosa Complex along Mamay Road here in Davao City. Here you can have choices from Vietnamese, Authentic Filipino, Spanish, Japanese Restos all in one strip, but we opted to have some New York pizza at the Yellow Cab, I will be posting some of the photos I have later, but meantime sharing some of my son’s wacky moments at the strip.


I went out last Saturday to buy something around this area, this is the DCLA complex along Oyanguren St. It was Philippine Independence day, but who cares about independence when people are busy making ends meet.


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Remember my post on Afternoon at Moray's? This photo was also taken there, the house at far right is the jetty for boats going to Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao's premier resort.

Scenic Sunday

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Tomorrow, June 12, 2010 marks the 112th year of Philippine Independence from her colonizers. This country has gone through a lot, although I have lived some 38 years in those 112 years stated in our history books, people of this country has a lot to tell how they fought and struggled to champion democracy.

I hope the Divine will still grant me more years so I can witness history unfolding, more stories to tell about this country. Long Live! My beloved country, The Philippines.

Thank you for supporting this blog.


You are seeing Sta. Ana Parish Church along Monterverde St., here in Davao City. I don't regularly attend mass here since my family don't live around this zone, but last Sunday we went to see a friend near here so we attended the 12nn mass.


It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up -- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Photo at Victorian gate gardens at Malagos Gardens here in Davao.


..... we went sightseeing this afternoon at Moray's Restaurant here in Davao.

Scenic Sunday

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Ateneo de Davao University facade with Marco Polo Davao Hotel in reflection.

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... for diners... I like this Filipino themed painting and the chairs too, I talked to the restaurant in-charge, sadly they do not know where and who the artist is. Taken at Cubyertos Restaurant along Torres St. here.


A misty morning ....