I attended a birthday party the other night held at one of the halls of Davao Convention and Trade Center. While loitering along the hall I spotted a friend who also had feasted on a wedding reception of her cousin’s wedding at the other hall, she had invited me to get inside, well, that’s how it is in the Philippines, I was invited by the invited. I actually did not took part of the eating I just congratulated the newly weds whom I knew some years back. But before I slipped out of the hall I took a souvenir shot of their wedding decoration.

Davao Convention and Trade Center is along Torres St. of this city.


  1. the chandelier is quite fancy, i like it a lot.

    i've been invited by the invited a lot of times too :)

  2. How interesting to read. May life and time treat the two kind. Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  3. Wow, sino kaya ang event planner nito hehehe!