Sen Ton Whan is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants here in the city; their parking is so spacious fit for a highway driver like me, LOL! It’s about two months already that I had not dined in here. On the night I took this photo I just waited for someone to come out from that resto door.

When in the city and looking for a sumptuous authentic Chinese cuisine? Sen Ton Whan is a must visit, they are conveniently located at Victoria Plaza Parking grounds along JP Laurel Ave.


  1. You are lucky, Here in SF where I live there have been times in some neighborhoods where you spend a half an hour to an hour for parking. It's very annoying.

  2. On average it is said that people search for a parking space about forty minutes ! Can't even remember when last out for dinner - yet playing with the kid is just as nice. Please have a nice Thursday.

    daily athens

  3. ma-try nga yan pag uwi ng pinas =) thanks for the little review