I was browsing some of my comments when I’ve read Emilie Esnault, the Content and Community Manager of’s comment informing me that this blog has been chosen as one of their blog favorites this year.

Travel Avenue is a site that offers various information and guide of would-be travelers and traveling around the globe. Here you can find information about top hotels, posh restaurants, top destinations and some activities you are most interested to know happening around the world. Curious? Click on the Travel Avenue button to visit their site. - favorite blog 2010

I started this blog with just a mere thought of letting all my stocked photos out, but least I realized I will be meeting a lot of friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD and moreso, get listed on some other sites like Travel Avenue.

To those people who are in one way or the other has inspired me to continue on with this hobby, if I may call it that, especially the listed ones on my sidebar, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


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