The Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS) conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) in 2009 showed that around 12.5 million Filipino families had their roofs made of strong materials and 10 million had their outer walls made of strong materials, obviously, this family's house did not even get a fraction of that statistics.

But even then, the Filipinos are still one of the happiest people on Earth despite not having strong materials for their homes.

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  3. Great shot Vernz.

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  4. Nicely composed. I like the way you caught the girl with her arm raised like that.

  5. No, obviously they didn't have those materials, but I've always said, it isn't the Materialist things in life that make us happy! Thanks for visiting, and following my blog! Love your shot seems "carefree" always a nice feeling!

  6. Hello Vernz, yup totoo ka, we Filipinos have a happy heart. Sana it will last forever this kind of trait kasi marami na sa ating mag neighboring country na wala na ang ganyang traits, kaya konti lang depression or sacrifices ayun suicidal na. Thanks for the visit. By the way, when you open my blog site do you have a problem? Before I used Google chrome but not I am back to Firefox, let me know kung may na observe ka ha. Thanks!

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  8. The children highlighted against the strong fence lines are the heart of this fine shot.

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