I actually can’t figure out the semiotics behind this sign, the black carabao labeled blue in a red signage mounted on a blue building… whatever….

Monteverde Building along Monteverde St.


  1. Link up mo sa blue monday to ate hehehe, ganda.

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  2. i was looking for blue, black red carabao.. is there any that exists with that color.. lol

  3. Maybe it would have been better to go and ask the owner of the business instead of the ridiculous comments you posted here.
    You ever consider that due to the sign being constantly in the sun,that maybe the blue has faded to black?
    Maybe if you had taken the time to bring your camera a little closer to the building you would have seen another sign that has a blue carabo.
    I once asked the owner,"why blue carabao? It is an interesting reason which i will let you go and find out.
    From a regular customer of the Blue Carabao.