One tender morn at McArthur Highway this city.

I was thinking how beautiful this sight could have been having Mt. Apo at the background - minus the eye sores of modern living. Sigh! I'll put it as one of those things we can't live without now, I think I just have to chew it!


Thing with having toddlers with no other hands to call for help you got bring them around even to your workplace. So this is what happens when the father is left to look after his son, the only choice is to tuck his backpack and clip this dang pink pillow around.

Location: Ateneo de Davao University Grade School Campus

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We have a little property in Communal, Cabantian here in Davao City, and one of these days my kingdom will soon rise in that little space, hahahaha! But while I’m still dreaming of where to source the resources to fund my empire might as well explore other places unimagined, some 5-minute ride from my place.

Davao City has something new to offer again, D’ Leonor Hotel Inland Resort, Waterpark and Wavepool, its located in Barangay Communal, Cabantian here, just a 15-minute ride from downtown Davao and a 10-minute ride from the airport. This inland resort lies on a vast mountainous terrains, they have a wavepool and a raging river but still under construction and would be fully operational by June of this year.

The entrance arch of the resort, the blue cordoned area there is where the hotel soon will rise, its still under construction.
They have a chapel perfect for weddings, just across this chapel is a gym and cottages you can stay-on.
This is the picnic area, on a perfect cloudless day you see the whole range of Mt.Apo from here.
and the ever famous string ride, which Davao City popularized of course, a 460m zip line, there'll be cable cars that will be installed around here sometime soon, the tour guide said.
The resort cottage
the comfort inside, with one bedroom and a T/B
and a breathtaking site going down to the chapel.

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There's a certain nostalgia and romance in a place you left. 

Misty Morn at Eden Nature Park


The Abreeza Ayala Malls along JP Laurel Avenue.

It had a soft opening on May 12, it’s the biggest so far this city of ours have. I got curious and explored it too, sadly there were lots of shops, but have no money to spend … hahaha.

The facade of the mall
the atrium, those white chairs there are for the audience of a scheduled concert of Manila artists later that afternoon I was there.
The mall model, hahaha
some area of the mall that are still under construction.


Hi there fellas, summer is almost over on this side of the world, and this poor mom right here is on the run right now booking for inexpensive beach holiday getaway, my troop has been in a ruckus lately to bring them to the beach. I wonder even why beaches are the most popular destination when there are other places that can be explored on summer, probably because it’s a perfect place to flaunt a perfect beach body or simply a perfect place to just chill, take the weight off your feet on a beach bed with your fave paperback, watch a bleeding sun set at the horizon, feel the gentle breeze embracing you – a luxury every modern human has wished of catching.

And if you’re on the hunt right now for great deals on beach holidays, Davao is the place to be  that offers more than what your money can get.
Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, Davao
Davao boasts its rich and unspoiled marine beauty and pristine beaches. Your choice of resorts that offer unparalleled service and superb world-class amenities that would surely make your stay the most memorable.

There are quiet a number of beach resorts in Davao today, I lost count, they are all concentrated on the Island Garden City of Samal, it’s a 15-minute boat ride island from mainland Davao.

The ones we frequent is Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, other than its plus-point of being budget friendly, it’s the most child-friendly beach resort too. Not to mention its friendly staff and superb powdery white sand and clear blue waters.

I said its child friendly because they have a mini aviary and zoo that housed a number of exotic birds and animals that kids can roam around sight-seeing once bored on the waters. Accommodations range only from P1,500 to P3,000 for an overnight stay.

So for your beach destination, make it Davao.

Children's playground at Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Cottages for overnight stay


Just few of the things you can do around Davao, an afternoon walk on a jetty with Pa, and a relax in a Mediterranean backdroppped afternoon.