How To Know If Social Work Is The Right Field For You

Not everyone is meant to have a career in the field of social work. This is an incredibly demanding profession that requires a lot of those who choose it but that often gives little in return. You want to be sure that social work is right for you before you enter this field. Here is how you can know if social work is right for you.

Do You Want To Be Of Service To Others?

Social work is a field of service. If being of service to others is something that you want out of your career then social work can deliver that. You will constantly be working to help people and sometimes you will be able to help change peoples' lives.

Are You Prepared To Deal With Different Types Of People?

In this field, you will work with all different kinds of people. For some, this is something to look forward to while for others it might be a source of stress. Are you prepared to work with different types of people? Might you enjoy interacting with different types of people even? This is something to think about because many of your clients may be a lot different than you.

Are You Prepared To Deal With A Variety Of Issues?

Social work is a field of problems and you will have to deal with whatever problems present themselves to you. Are you prepared to deal with all this? Can you handle financial difficulties, alcohol and drug abuse issues, physical and emotional abuse, and more? Can you handle individuals with psychological conditions? What about with serious health problems? As a social worker you are likely to come across every problem you can think of and many that you never saw coming. Think about what it might be like to deal with all these issues and if this is something that you would want to do.

Can You Deal With The Dark Side Of Human Nature?

The toll that dealing with the dark side of human nature can take on a person is incalculable. You will see people at their worst sometimes. They may be treating you badly or they may be treating their spouses, elderly family members, or even their children with neglect or abuse. Can you handle seeing some of the worst things that people can do day after day?

Can You Make Peace With The Limits Of Your Ability To Help People?

You won't be able to help everyone. Some people you will try to help but you just won't be able to do so. Can you live with that? As a social worker, sometimes you will have to make peace with the fact that some people need help but you won't be able to do a thing.

Can You Handle Doing This As A Job?

Social work can be an immensely rewarding profession because you are helping people but there's no pretending that it's not tough work. With the previous questions you got an idea of how tough this job can be. Can you handle all this and will the occasional successes make dealing with all this worthwhile for you?

T. Rheinecker enjoys blogging about helpful online resources when working on a masters in social work online.

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  1. Hi Vernz!
    I'm a social worker myself and I so agree with what you wrote about the challenges being on this field.
    I would have given up a long time ago if not of the love of God and the joy He gives me in serving others :)