8 Best Topics To Talk About On Your First Date

Coming up with things to talk about on a first date can be tricky and it's even trickier when you realize that not every topic is appropriate when you're only on your first date. But don't worry. Here are the 8 best topics to talk about on your first date so that you won't have to endure any awkward silences.

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Family is always a great topic. Some people love to share everything while others will just give you the bullet points but both make for great first date conversation. It always helps you to get to know someone better when you know where they came from.


Friends are another wonderful first date topic. By learning about your date's friends you will learn a lot about your date. This is fodder for some fun, lighthearted conversation and that is exactly what you're looking for.


Books, TV shows, and movies are all enjoyable topics whether you share the same favorites or if you're learning about the type of entertainment your date enjoys. If your date loves certain books, movies, or TV shows then find out why. Your date will love your interest and you will get more of an idea of who your date is.


Hobbies show you what a person likes to do when they have free time. Your date may not label what they do for fun with the word hobbies but this is a great area to explore to learn what's unique about your date. Be brave enough to share a few of your own odd hobbies to help your date open up.


Some people love to travel while others would much rather stay at home. Either way, this can have you both sharing what you love about the world or about staying at home. Sharing your dreams can be daunting but talking about places you'd like to travel to someday is a great place to start.

Current Events

You want to stick to the happier current events if at all possible or discuss all current events in as lighthearted a way as is appropriate. Still, the mentioning of any current events will help you share feelings about what is going on in the world. This is a great way to bond.

Future Plans

This is where you get a person to share whatever dreams they want to share. It is also where you get an idea of where someone wants to go in life to see if it matches up with your own future plans. It's too early to scrutinize your date's future plans but not too soon to get an idea of where your date plans to go in life.

Bad Pickup Lines And Bad Dates

Everyone has heard bad pickup lines and been on bad dates. Sharing these lines and funny stories can help to break the ice and can get you both laughing. You don't want to come across as negative but the right bad date story can help you both to relax.

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