My kids and the rest of the guys at my husband's company went to a secluded, not so exploited island of Talikud here last weekend. I was not able to go with them because of lots of mama chores but they sure had their good time around the island. These photos are my son's captures.

Talikud Island is a small unexploited island adjacent to Samal Island here in Davao. It can be accessed via a 45-minute boat ride from Magsaysay or Sta. Ana Wharf here in Davao. While there are resorts where you can stay overnight, like Isla Reta, it is not really frequented because of the distance. But these guys went out of their way to enjoy their weekend there.

Take a look at some of the raw photos my son did captured.

There were lots of them so they rented three boats
drift woods at the shore line and a stray dog
an old and dilapidated dock
beach pebbles


  1. You made me want to go to the beach!!! I especially love the last photo. Your son did well with the photos. Reminded me of the days when I used to collect seashells.

    I've been long gone from blogging and so it's so good to be back visiting you again.

    Hope you are doing well, Vernz.

  2. Wow nice place to relax, I never been to Talikod, hanggang Paradise Island lang ako hehe..I miss Davao seeing this photos..kailan kaya ako mapapadpad ulit dyan..

  3. mingawon man sad ta sa dagat diha sa pinas oj...nindot kaayo imo photos tempting for a person like me layo sa dagat naa man gani bali ka tugnaw pod....

    Dugay na ko wala ka bisita nimo kay nipahuway ko gamay....take care with hugs...

  4. Hi Mommy Vernz, may citydailyphoto ka rin pala. Exchange links tayo. newbie pa nga lang ako dito. Influence ni Mirage. :D

  5. Hi! How much yung rentals sa boat?

  6. Talikud island looks so spectacular and anyone who will go there once will surely enjoy it and will go there again, because such is the charm of this place.

  7. Island of Talikud is really sounding very nice and I am now eager to visit there .You have really instigated my passion again for such places.

  8. Island of Talikud is really a perfect place to be relaxed and refreshed. I think I should plan my trip to here soon as I am now fed up of daily routine work.