Xenon Project Your source for RC Helicopters

While everyone seems to be focused on the miracles of latest technological advancements, the spotlight has been taken off to one of today’s coolest toy: the RC or otherwise called Remote Controlled toys.

XenonProject.com is a website specially made for buying RC toys online. Xenon Project offers a wide array for all types of radio controlled toys, from cars, helicopters, boats, four-wheel drive monster trucks, heavy metal tanks, off road racing, and more.

Moreover, coupled with the main toy products, XenonProject.com also offer the latest special parts essential for upgrade such as engines parts, decals, body kits, wheels and rims, tires, stickers, and horsepower boosters that will enhance not only the appearance of your RC toy but also a boost in its performance.RC Helicopters from XenonProject.com are the latest in RC toy technology where the quality of RC toys are pushed to the next level - you won't be disappointed!

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