I call these 'think about vandals' - I find them interesting, in fact it'll stir your cerebrum a bit. I actually have a collection of these, my brain didn't serve me right I can't remember which folder I've saved them but just few of those that I've found. These are shots along with my downtown aimless brisk walks especially on early Sunday morns.

'A good home must be made not bought' - I welcome discussion, lol.

I wouldn't.

Thanks for the words, I will!


Commonly we're used to see taxis in white and yellow - well, we too have those shades in Davao, a variety of names carry the white and the yellow one is exclusively carried by Maligaya Taxi. As I write there are  roughly around 4,200 taxis plying the roads of Davao - with this number I wonder why sometimes when you need one there is none.

And of course my ever-loved purple one, they carry the name Madayaw Taxi.

And the blue taxi - they're currently hiring lady drivers just in case you ladies out there need some extra. Following the city ordinance that prohibits non-airconditioned taxis on the road + the ever rocketing gas prices - flag down rate for taxis in Davao is now P30.00 for the first 4 kilometers. Other the fixed route jeeneys, taxis are the most convenient transport in the city, if you're a foreigner you don't have to pay extra for the translation, all drivers in town can speak and understand English and all roads signs are written in English.

I'm not sure if I'll be seeing red, pink and green ones in the future.. that remains to be seen.


Yes, there aren't only eagles around here, we too have lots peacocks in Davao.

This one was taken at Eden Nature Park, their birds can freely roam the park,  there were countless of them, there was even a white peahen I've been chasing for a photo opp but unfortunately it's fast, it's gone before you can focus a cam.

I took the below photo at the mini-aviary at Paradise Island Resort in Samal Island here, I pity this handsome bird as it's held captive, they were properly taken cared of though, but its different having them in their natural habitat. But for the purposes of education and learning I think it served its purpose, kids love to see real ones even adults ... a reason why we frequent this resort.


Davao is a city that is placed in an excellent location for Asia, and a number of good locations can be reached with just a short plane trip from the area to cities all along the coast of mainland Asia or on the many islands around the Philippines. Here are a few vacation villas in Asia that are just a little ways from Davao.

[View of Sungai Gold Bali, a luxury villa in Bali, Indonesia]

Located just southwest of the Philippines, Indonesia is an Asian country with a vibrant culture. In particular, the Bali region plays host to a number of comfortable rental homes good for small families or couples who are looking to get away from their normal residence without going too far. Sungai Gold Bali, pictured here, is a small but cozy villa with a definite lack of major Western influence in the surrounding area. Everything in the villa is handmade and custom designed, rather than purchased from a catalog, to help give it a more comfortable feel. It can also be rented together with another villa to give extra room for a family, a nice (and relatively rare) option.

[View of Waimarie, a luxury villa in Koh Samui, Thailand]
Asia  does not  have as great of a villa travel culture as Europe,  but it  does have some  villas that compete favorably  with even  some of the nicest French villas. Located just about straight west of Davao is Koh Samui, an island on Thailand that offers a few homes for rent. Waimarie is the nicest of these, a six bedroom villa with room for twelve guests that offers a nice selection of amenities. Children can enjoy the wooden playground, a rock climbing wall, a fort tower, and even a turbo slide, all pieces of equipment unusual for villa rentals. Waimarie is definitely geared towards family vacations, with easy access to the famous Big Buddha Temple and a wide variety of sports and recreation for people of all ages. It is a little on the tourist-y side, but as Asian rentals go, this location is one of the best for people looking to experience our culture, and it isn’t too far from Davao.


Anywhere you look around Davao now you can see mounds of these helluva smelly yummy. Oh yeah, if you're crazy about this fruit you should head to Davao now, we are blessed to be flooded with tons of durian these days - it's on is peak, a kilo has dropped to P25 right at this very minute this post go live.

Come on down south, let's party - as in durian party. lol.