This is yet another cool place here in Davao you can chill out and relax especially at night, it's located at the roof top of Gaisano Mall along JP Laurel Ave., it can be accessed via the food court at the third floor or at the parking area if the mall is already closed.

My son call it his place at the 'Second Life' - if you're an online gaming buff you probably have heard this - It's because of its ultra light and modern architectural design. The center of attraction if the fountain at the center that changes color from time to time, I'll make a separate post on that.

There's Figaro coffee shop and a pizza parlor that's operating currently, I think all shops will open come December. I love this beam, it flickers at night, lovely sight!


One of the thrills in traveling to an unfamiliar location is the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Of course no one would really set out unprepared for a trip. You must have read a little over the internet or conducted your own research about the place. The travel experience is just half the fun, more exciting adventures awaits every traveler with an open mind.

Davao Country Road

While some might opt to stay on the safe side and visit the usual tourist spots, there’s a different thrill when you get to visit a place that is unexplored and not crowded with so many tourists. How can you come up with the perfect travel plan? The first thing to consider is your interests. Ask yourself: what type of adventure am I looking for? This will lead you to a number of possibilities that exactly fit your requirements. There are some individuals who prefer a little nature trip while the others enjoy thrill rides or treks. Regardless of which one you choose it is very important that you are open for the challenge that lies ahead.

Remember that each destination on your travel itinerary should bring a unique experience. Do not fall on the tourist traps; conduct your own online research and book accommodations ahead of time. Avoid traveling during the peak season since it will definitely cost more money on airfare and hotel. Choose off-season dates; fewer crowds yet more savings. Open your mind and always welcome a new experience.

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