HI everyone! I just came home from Lamdag Parada 2011, I’m inspired to share some of photos straight away so here …

Lamdag Parade (Light Parade) is just one of many Christmas activities incorporated in the Pasko Fiesta sa Davao celebration, this is our city’s version of the famed Disney Electric Light Parade, this is still on its second year but it’s gaining popularity, I hope there’ll be more entries next year, children love it, my kid’s waited.

So here, sharing what I got tonight;

Some guys in lit bicycles joining the parade.

My daughter said, 'where is Cinderella Mama the carriage is leaving', 'maybe still doing the girl-thing', lol.

ABS-CBN's OB van was all lit-up, it's like a mobile-bar ... love it!

Pegasus about to fly, the fluffy whites there are cottons, I wonder how many sacks of cotton they've stuffed in here.. the blue light there made it glorious ...

The back part tells a little twist of the story, somewhat like a leap to another make-believe world, the world of Winnie the Pooh and friends;

This is Davao Crocodile Park's entry, it's like Noah's ark on the move, animals are all over. Some of the guys that came and joined the parade sported their albino snakes, yes, may mga ahas sa gabing di kadiliman, lol.

The ginger bread haus on parade, love this entry, it's well lit though not so grand per my eyes judgment, it's all complete with commercially conceptualized essence of Christmas, not so sure what the basis for judging here but should this float win, it'll take home P150,000.00 as the grand prize.

Praying there'll be more entries next year. Bitin, gamay lang entries.

Should you want to know more of Davao's upcoming Christmas events, you can view at Davao Tourism Official Website here.


  1. Wow! Nice man diay kaayo ang parada ma'am noh? Super colorful ug daghan kaayo tao.

    Thanks for sharing. Dili pako makapa gusto laag kay gamay akong bella girl.

    Merry Christmas! Unsa gani imong main blog Ma'am Vernz? Gi add man gud nako ni sa "blogs i heart" portion sa My Journey nako...

  2. Some beautiful light parade display! Happy new year!