Because of the advent of technology, our lives have become easier and things have been very convenient for us. All of us are able to access the Internet with our laptops, computers and even with our mobile phones. Like what most mobile phone companies’ tagline say, “Stay on the go” we always want to be updated with the latest happenings of our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. So even while we travel, just synching our phones to the world wide web, we are still connected. Travel has also become easy as purchasing plane tickets, reserving hotel rooms, booking for tours and the like can now be done online. Everything can be done with just one click of the mouse like finding boston eyelids experts for an appointment even if your lounging in your hotel room thousands of miles away, or check for a new software or program like eyelids online.

Barge Port at Island Garden City of Samal

But somehow, the latest trends, these social networking sites which have dominated the Internet and technology itself, also have placed us or any individual at risk of dangers. Even the constant use of gadgets have also removed or lessened the personal touch to communication. We have also spent most of our times in front of our boob tubes which has caused and have become reasons for some illnesses and sickness among us. Our children are also in jeopardy, learning and browsing through different websites online.

With all these perils surrounding us, there should be regulations to impose, there should be restrictions. We can always check out for internet safety. So even if we are outside the comforts of our homes, we are always at peace.


  1. It is true that technology has introduced us to the new world where everything is possible but it is also not the denied fact that in such new world everything is at stake means not safe.

  2. Nice view of Barge port.The social networking sites keep us updated and make informations available to us.