... err, probably next year, lol.

Its this time of the year where prices of outbound tour packages drop bottom, commend it to lean time, working class begin all preparations for the new calendar year during this month, thus traveling isn’t an option but what’s worst - travel agencies will come luring us with 70% discount travel coupons, ahh, seriously, this maddens me.

Anyway, if you’ve been clever and have planned your travels well, probably by now you’re already en route to ‘The City Beautiful’ Orlando, yeah; just venting my setbacks here as it’s been a long standing plan to visit Florida but here I am can’t even get out of domestic and academic carousel.

 It'll take me around 21 hours by plane from Davao City to reach this castle in Florida.

Nonetheless, if you have plans to travel to Orlando in Florida, US of A and anxious about expensive accommodation, try checking these Orlando Hotels as they offer affordable accommodation while touring around Legoland and Disneyland and if you need guide or resources on what other things to do, check out ‘Things to do in Orlando’ on Facebook.

Ahhh, seriously, I really have to move my butt now or I’ll end up touring virtually again. Tata, I need to see my agent.


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