If there’s one thing that a holiday in the Balearic Islands needn’t be, it’s expensive. Whether you opt for the bustling resorts of Ibiza, the laid-back life of Menorca or the diversity of Majorca, cheap holidays in this beautiful corner of the world are readily available and easy to come by.

Start by browsing any major tour operator’s website and you’ll be greeted with an abundance of special offers - many of which are designed to sell off holidays leaving within the next few weeks or to help travel companies boost sales to a certain destination. Keep an eye out for online discount codes or, if you prefer to book through a shop or over the phone, don’t forget that you’re talking to a salesperson - so be confident and ask for a reduction or try to negotiate an upgrade, such as a sea view room or a free upgrade to all-inclusive. It’s worth a try and after all, they can only say no.

Like many Spain vacations, the Balearic Islands are hugely popular with holidaymakers but this certainly doesn’t exclude them from the discount zone. Booking close to the departure date will almost guarantee an attractive price reduction, and you’ll often see the price plummet the closer you get to departure. If budget is your top priority, this is a great way of getting excellent value for money - but just watch out in case availability drops to zero before you have a chance to book.

You should always book outside of school holidays to avoid peak prices, or failing that, book well in advance to secure your first choice of hotel and departure airports. Booking early is also a great way of bagging a good deal plus you’ll often get to pay your holiday off in stages over a period of time, which helps make things that little bit easier.

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