You’re the king or queen of your home. You set the rules.  You  organize t he layout. You’re  the  boss.  Now take in a  houseguest  and  your  once  lovely,  peaceful  kingdom  can  turn  into  an  all-out  war  over  territory. You might not have an online hospitality management degree, but that isn’t to say you cannot exercise a few rules to make your guests feel a bit welcomed. From setting out tea and coffee for them to allowing them to conduct their normal business as they would in their own home, these surefire tips can ease the tension of having a guest.

It’s Business as Usual

You’re doing your friend or relative a favor by allowing them into your home. Sure, setting up a place to sleep and food to eat is great, but taking in a houseguest does not mean you should go above and beyond the call of duty to please them. Relax and act as you normally do when guests are not around. Conduct yourself in your regular manner. Doing so will let your guest feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome inside your home.

If you take the effort to let someone stay with you, let them be themselves as well. Don’t be angry when they fail to clean up their own dishes. Try not to give furtive looks when they live like pigs because remember you did let them into your home. Let them carry themselves how they normally do because they are after all a guest and not a permanent resident.

Provide Entertainment

You’re not running a prison; let your house guest have access to entertainment. Set up a television for them. Give them some reading material. Show them that the game system is there for them to enjoy, too. While you’re off at work, let them know that they can do whatever it is they like, such as watch a movie, play games or surf the Web. Granting your guest just a few amenities can make them feel at home.

Supply Toiletries

Toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, and toilet paper should be well in stock before your houseguest arrives. Don’t make them go out and buy extra towels, brushes and shampoo. Share some and let them feel like they are there to enjoy your home as well. An extra set of towels and even a spare toothbrush can spare them the hassle of having to visit a store.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Professors who teach online psychology classes agree, offering a coffee, tea, a hallway light, and even an alarm clock for your houseguest can make them feel welcomed and relaxed when staying with you. A hallway nightlight helps them make it to the restroom without opening random doors or tripping over toys or rugs. Adding in extra accessories such as these can make a great experience for the visitor.


Simple Mom (2008)

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