I'm a real supporter of Davao Museum, I even consider to be a research volunteer during the time this has been starting - thanks to my ever favorite 'Paring Bert' for that would-be chance, but some unavoidable circumstance has happen along the way so I wasn't able to pursue it, but nonetheless, since I became a Cultural Anthropology teacher - not a sem that I won't bring a bus full of students here.

And their having this exhibit and I'm sharing it ...

In cooperation with the
Consular Office of Japan in Davao presents

The Abaca, the Japanese, and the Making of Davao City

This is an exhibition that looks into Davao society's Japanese heritage via the development of the abaca plantation industry in the first half of 1900s, and the historic rise in Japanese migration to the province that accompanied it.

This will be on May 27-October 2012 at
Insular Village Phase 1, Lanang, Davao City

Museum Hours:
9AM-5PM, Monday to Saturday

Fee is P100 for Adult, P80 Senior citizen, P20 for Students


When we came home from a five-day off about two weeks ago, I was surprised to see my MIL's pot sprouted this beauty, I thought this Dahlia won't give back since it's pot has gone through a lot, the cat accidentally ran through it and fell, my son Angelo has picked a lot of it's bud 'playing a prince picking flowers for his princess' but I guess nature has it's own way of rising above it's misfortune and triumph beautifully ... 

Technically speaking, I'm no good handling my cam yet, so this is the good I can squeeze out of my gadget, I know this gadget can deliver more than this ... but as I always say, you know technology can only be as good as it's user. :( 


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Family Activity Holidays: Lake GARDA

The Italian lake district is well known for being a romantic part of the world. It’s also popular among those looking to get active on holiday and enjoy the spectacular surroundings by bike, foot, boat or horseback. However, what many people don’t know is that Lake Garda holidays are the perfect choice for families.

The Italians love children, so your brood can be sure of a warm welcome wherever you go. Yet Lake Garda has much more to offer families than a few friendly smiles. You and yours will enjoy a beautiful climate, with temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees C from April to October, and some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world.

Family activity holidays are especially well catered for, with a wide variety of family friendly activities to enjoy together. Why not pack up a picnic from a deli and head off on a family hike, hire bikes or book a horse-riding trek around the lake? 

Of course, the lake itself offers many opportunities to get active. The clean, warm waters of the lake are ideal for swimming - or why not hire a sail boat and take the family out for the afternoon? If you want to try your hand at something new, dingy courses are great for kids, whereas adults will find catamaran sailing courses for all abilities.

Those travelling to Lake Garda with children should have the Gardaland theme park right at the top of their holiday ‘to do’ list. With rides and attractions for all ages, this is a popular day out that mustn’t be missed.
Another day should be earmarked for the Canevaworld resort, which includes the Movieland Studios park and the Aqua Paradise waterpark.

For fun activity holidays that the whole family can enjoy, Lake Garda is a great choice of summer destination.