Deals on cheap hotels across the UK mean that we are now able to explore the country at bargain prices. Have the summer city break of your dreams without breaking the bank.  

Before you consider booking through an agent ... 
check out deals on cheap hotels online with Travelodge. Searching for cheap hotels on the Internet can often produce the best savings, with many companies now offering their best prices through their websites. 

It pays to be flexible too. Although you might have a destination in mind, search around to see where the best deals on cheap hotels may land you. An unexpected romantic weekend in York or a shopping break in Birmingham - going with the flow can save you big bucks.

A romantic walk with your partner at 'The Shambles' in York, UK can be an awesome experience

We all like to treat ourselves when we go away. Cities are full of hidden boutiques and other retail marvels. Instead of splashing the cash on new clothes before your trip, spend a day casually relishing in some retail therapy. What better way to pick up a new dress for your dinner date in the city?

Cities usually offer an extensive range of activities, attractions and eateries in a condensed area. Doing some research and swatting up on the region before you travel means that you can make the most of your time while you are there. 

Consider pre-booking any tickets for tourist attractions. This will avoid any disappointment on the day and will guarantee you will benefit from any online offers. Who said there were only deals on cheap hotels?
A Google search for restaurant reviews will give you a reasonable idea of where to eat within the city. If you find this overwhelming, investing in a trusted guidebook should highlight a few key brasseries and bistros. Don’t explore on an unsatisfied stomach!

However you spend your break, keeping costs low will allow you to enjoy your time and leave financial strains behind; the perfect low-cost city break.


  1. i visited york last 2008...such a nice city..

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