Travelers at heart love exploring different destinations. Although some people visit other countries first before their own, it is good to visit one’s own place of origin first. There are some pretty good places to visit too that can only be found in their own country. Know your own country first so that when you travel abroad you can promote it to foreigners and entice them to visit where you came from. 

Tips in travelling locally;
  • Check the travel magazines or TV shows on their features for top local destinations. 
  • Visit not only touristy spots but also those that are lesser known. 
  • Know if you want to visit the beach or the mountains so you can get a head start on where you will plan your next destination. 
  • Choose cheap flights or accommodation. Check different airlines, hotels or travel agencies for promotions so you can save up. If you know people living in that place then stay with them so you don’t have to spend money on accommodation and instead use it for other things during your travel.
  • Try also couch-surfing where locals host travelers for a lower price. Try out the local delicacies by eating at restaurants that are homegrown. Leave eating at food chains found in your city to truly immerse yourself in the destination you are visiting. 
  • Know the locals and ask them to teach you a thing or two about their traditions and culture. You can share these to your family and friends when you go home. 
  • Go during festivals so you can witness different dances or music of the locals. It is a good way also to try their local cuisines. 
  • Purchase from the souvenir shops so you can help the locals earn money. 
  • Take a lot of pictures or videos so you can relive the good times you had during your vacation when you look at or watch them. 

This is a guest post by Ciel. She is a photography enthusiast and is fascinated by how words can be expressed through images. Her current writing task is to promote a global site for voice over artists.

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