Whatever your reason for sniffing out a holiday bargain - whether it’s because you’re trying to stretch your budget to yet another holiday this year, or you’re just feeling the pinch and need to spend as little as possible - there are plenty of great deals out there to satiate your needs. 

As savvy  web-users  know,  one  of  the  best ways  to  book  holidays  and  save money is by  booking online. This allows browsers to  weigh  up all the options and compare  stacks of  holidays online - even comparing the same holiday across different tour operators - to find the cheapest prices. 

Plus, when tourists book cheap holidays online they can take advantage of brand new offers or just-released deals. This might be a fresh new offer on late deals or incentives for next summer’s holidays. 

Speaking of late deals, this is certainly one of the most popular ways to bag a cheap holiday. Where package holidays are concerned, tourists that book just a couple of weeks prior to the departure date can usually secure huge savings. What’s more, package holiday operators are two-a-penny which means that competition is rife in the market. You can find holiday deals from Direct Holidays and other such well-establihed tour operators all year round, which certainly helps to make things that little bit easier. 

If you don’t fancy a package holiday, there are plenty of low-cost scheduled flights available to destinations all over the world. These are best booked well in advance - typically up to six months or more - as this is when you’ll have the best choice of cheap seats. After that, the prices are hiked and that cheap deal you were hoping for suddenly becomes an eye-watering expense! So, do your homework, put your planner’s hat on and get organised - the results will speak for themselves.

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