We live near SM Lanang, but the irony of it all we hardly visit this place unless of course if there are important errands around here. The kids has been whining about watching the dancing the fountain, so on Saturday off we go. They're having hourly evening show on weekend so it's so convenient, unless it'll rain, the fountain court area is actually best for leisure walking after eating. 

I've catched a video of the almost 10-minute fountain show, here enjoy; for better video quality shift to 360p.


Now I know more why fairies are magical - because they come and show wonders at the time and place you least expect them to be wandering – like this blog.

FairyHobmother is known for its generous heart, and since I’ve been a good earthling I was rewarded for it and now in sparkling mode dancing my way to finding the best stuff for Christmas at, I long have been dreaming of having a built-in dishwasher and I’m guessing it will happen this time.

I would be a very unlikely of a host if I’ll send this awesome fairy home without offering something. First of all, Welcome to Davao City FairyHobmother, a lot of mortals say life is best lived here, and before you go I’d like to let you take a peek of what it’s like living a life in this city of royalty.

We normally go around in jeepney, it’s our most emotional transport system, if you want to know the locals and immerse culturally in no time, take the jeepney around and spark conversation with the one seated beside you.

Be with the locals, ride the jeepney

Davao celebrates it’s good and bountiful reap every year, so the best time to come around to witness this celebration is on the month of August every year, we celebrate Kadayawan Festival.

Floral Float during Kadayawan Festival
Love Shopping? We have everything you need from European, American and Asian brands, now is the best time to shop, as almost all shops go on sale for Christmas.

Food? This you don’t have to worry, we have a wide range of authentic cuisines around. In fact, if you love authentic Italian food, Morisco will be opening soon in the food court area of SM Lanang Premier, one of the latest mall additions in the city. This is Chef Guiseppe's Tuna Tartare, will be serving soon at Morisco.

Tuna Tartare
 We also have the best beaches with resorts that come in world-class amenities and facilities, no worries!

Pearl Farm Beach Resort [photo not mine]

Practically everything a traveler need, you can find around Davao. And oh Fairy, if you need someone to tour you around – I’m always available for you. 

FairyHobmother travels from one place to another, if you comment below; your place might be his next destination. So bring those thoughts on, thanks for dropping by my FairyHobmother.


Davao’s homegrown hip-hop dance talent, GROOVE UNLIMITED has made it to international stint and now gearing up to bag the crown in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds, the biggest international hip-hop dance competition happening in Sydney, Australia on November 30-Dec 2, 2012.

I’ve seen these guys perform on television, my son is an avid fan of hip-hop dance and these guys as well, but I really didn’t realize they were this authority in street dancing not until my son saw the video I uploaded at Youtube which I filmed during the ‘JAZ GRV Anniversary Dance Concert’ on November 10 at CAP Auditorium here in Davao City and without me knowing storm his whole class about it.

The ‘JAZ GRV Anniversary Dance Concert’ was held to raise funds and help send GROOVE UNLIMITED to Sydney to compete to World Supremacy Battlegrounds. I really enjoyed the show. I think all of Davao’s hip-hop dance groups were there to support and made that dance concert a success, some members in fact where those children that were once in conflict with the law and now finding a ­­__niche in hip-hop dancing.

I’ve been to concerts before, celebrities on stage, musicals, recitals, stage plays but theirs was one of the touching hip-hop dance concerts I’ve been to. Just like many groups, conflicts are inevitable – different schedules, different lifestyles, different views, different personalities but what’s amazing is that they rise above their weaknesses and brought the group to limelight and now has made it to international competitions like WSB. I almost cried when Bryan Grandeza, the crew leader, they him master by the way, cried while telling the audience how he fathered the group and how  each one of them find a family and support from each other, it wasn’t just a dance for them but a group that made each one of them a better person. Bryan also talked about how they’ve exhausted all possible means just to put up funds so all of the crew listed in the official invitation can come and represent the Philippines to the world’s largest hip-hop battle.

They need our support guys – prayers, moral support and financially especially - their success is also our success. You can contact Bryan Grandeza at You can also like their FB page – Groove Unlimited Dance Community for more details.

I took this video during their Dance Anniversary Concert on November 10 at CAP Auditorium here in Davao City.