I’ve been a prepaid Globe subscriber since that time I first had a cellphone and believe it or not I’ve been maintaining same number ever since and it’s still doing very fine. I always have the option though to shift to postpaid as this service is easily and conveniently accessible these days, but thinking about practicality and my current meager consumption, I thought I’d rather stay connected by paying first. 

I’ve enjoyed quiet a number of Globe prepaid promotions in the past and it served me well, especially that my household has four active Globe subscriptions and you can just imagine the cost if I won’t strategize to cut our communication consumption, prepaid promos played so well in bridging this tension. 

With the current convergence of mobile phones and the internet it’s quiet hard to imagine that there would still be prepaid promotions that will thread this all-together, well, I think I was wrong - Globe Telecom just revolutionizes prepaid subscriptions with the ‘create your own promo’ concept dubbed as GoSakto, with this promo prepaid subscribers like me can now design their own promo according to what they need. Say you want your promo to be just all call, all text, all surf or a combination of the three or two and or how long you want your promo to last - 1 day, 2 days it’s definitely your choice. 

What’s so good about this GoSakto is that you can use your Facebook account to register your number and customize your promo. 

There are three easy ways how to start using GoSakto:
  1. You can dial *143#, and wait for the prompt to appear, select your desired promo combination and you’re good to go. 
  2. Visit Globe website at and register. 
  3. Login to your Facebook account and go to and register. 

You can even share this promo with your friends and since it’s your promo you can customize it by naming it. This prepaid innovation is the first ever in the country that empowers its subscribers to create their own promo based on their budget and this is definitely just what a household of 4 that consumes text, call, and surf voraciously needs. Thanks Globe!

To tell us more about this promo, here’s Xian Lim for GoSakto;

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  1. Indeed a great news to all Globe subscribers including myself. LOL. I am only familiar with SUPERLAHAT promo and I am happy to know of this GoSakto option.

    Thanks for sharing Ma'am Vernz :)