I woke up with the sound of fire trucks passing by our narrow street, I was really thinking it was still part of my dream, but when I heard my neighbors humming … yeah, it’s fire at the end of the street, my dream angels just flew out of the window the last thing I know I was barefoot standing at our driveway, thank goodness it was declared fire out after 30 minutes.

I thought I was out of the rage, but I wasn’t spared, my internet cable was just swept by the rushing firetrucks, situations like this can really make one’s mood skyrocket to hell, gods of the internet hear my plea, I really don’t know what happened exactly during the action but the cable was practically pulled out from the post.

It took three days for the provider to finally fix it, I was out of the cyber circulation for some time and I was like a fish out of water. I finally decided to change my internet provider I’ve been with them for some time and was actually experiencing bad swings with them, but thing with time, they’re the hardest to find some time, but I finally decided. The reviews of this provider seem promising and they’re tagged so far as the best internet provider in my region, so we’ll see.

It just dawned to me now that half of my life’s circumstance is really dependent on this technology, its downside is also mine, if you guys are into same boat as me, you better get yourself the best internet provider to avoid mood dangles in the future.
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  2. When something like that happens the first thing comes on your mind is to check news on Google or upload this news on your social accounts. I am also thinking to change my internet services providers not because I am not satisfied with their services but to check other internet services.

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