Carmen’s Garden Bistro (1932): Davao’s Homestyle Buffet now open

Carmen’s Garden Bistro (1932): Davao’s Homestyle Buffet 

Carmen’s Garden Bistro offers European and Filipino dishes based on the home recipes of a French family and a Filipino family who have come together for the love of food. In Carmen’s Garden Bistro, good food is served in a cozy and posh but homey atmosphere where one can also dine al fresco in Carmen’s very own “secret garden.” 

French Onion Soup 

Freshly-cooked dishes from fresh ingredients are served from Carmen’s kitchen to each customer’s table. A smorgasbord salad bar is offered at only PHP 175 per plate. Diners can mix their own salad, choosing ingredients and sauces from the salad bar. 

Carmen's Garden Salad 

Appetizers for the Filipino menu include the yummy Umami Fries, Beef Lumpia Shanghai, Baked Imbao, Sizzling pork sisig, and Fried lobster chips. European appetizers include cold cuts, baked shells in herbs, cheese, & olive oil, and Carmen’s grape and cheese. For the Filipino main dishes, Carmen’s Garden Bistro serves house specialties such as Beef Kaldereta, Davao Tuna Kinilaw, Crispy Pata, Humba, Chorizo, Beef Tapa, Fish escabeche, shrimp in salted egg butter sauce, chicken adobo, and Kare-kare. 

For the European menu, fresh steaks, Grilled beef ribs, Flambeed pork ribs in White wine, Western Style pork chop with herbs and cheese, Shrimps in butter and herbs, Fish croquette in tartar sauce, grilled salmon steak sandwiches, and pasta are among Carmen’s many offerings. 

Carmen's Kalderetang Baka (Oriental Beef Stew) Carmen's Rib Eye Steak 

A blogger’s favorite, Carmen’s Paella never fails to impress. Made only from fresh seafood and a touch of saffron, the paella is a mix of love. 

Carmen’s Paella 

Carmen’s also serves Euro-pinoy pasta and sandwiches such as the Chorizo Pasta (a twist to your ordinary spaghetti recipe) and the Beef Tapa pandesal (a pinoy take on the Reuben sandwich). Carmen’s dessert line is also an invitation to the Euro-pinoy fusion. Carmen’s serves durian-flavored French macarons in Carmen’s “Tres Maria dessert”. Carmen’s Davao Cheesecake trio is composed of Mango Cheesecake, Durian cheesecake, and pinoy Hi-RO cheesecake. Carmen’s All about chocolate includes Belgian chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and the crow-favorite CHOCNUT truffle.
Carmen’s “Tres Maria dessert”

Very soon, Carmen’s will produce its pizza line, which also represents Carmen’s Euro-pinoy fusion. Carmen’s Garden Bistro will offer Grilled tuna pizza and Quezo de bola pizza as part of its pizza line. Wines and cocktails are also served at Carmen’s for those who would like to end their gastronomic adventure with a zest. Carmen’s cocktails include Davao fusion drinks such as Davao punch and Pomelo de Davao. Mocktails such as toothless shark and cucumcooler are also served. For the less adventurous, classics such as margarita, cuba libre, and mojito are mixed fresh and served fresh from the bar. 

Carmen’s is located at Quirino Ave., Davao City fronting Javajive and is open from 11:00 A.M. until 11:00 P.M.
Carmen's Garden Bistro, thank you for having us :)

Davao Bloggers at Carmen's Garden Bistro

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