Davao City will be celebrating yet again another good harvest this year. Exciting, fun and delectable activities are now happening here and there all over the city. Tourists and local alike are pleasantly enjoined to go out and enjoy these happenings as Kadayawan Festival only happen once a year. And what can be more fun than indulging in sumptuous food Davao City is known to have. 

And because this is a good time to go out with visiting friends, homegrown friends and family, your favorite buffet restaurant, Vikings has prepared a special Kadayawan menu everyone can enjoy to their hearts delight. 

Davao Bliss was one lucky earthling to have sampled these dishes and let me show you what’s on Vikings buffet counter starting August 11 to 17. 

Vikings Kadayawan menu is composed mainly of all-time Filipino favorites. And for starters, you’ll have choices of the following classic Filipino cuisine. 

 Piniritong Lumpiang Tinapa at ManggaVikings' Davao Piniritong Lumpiang Tinapa at Mangga

It may look like your typical lumpia, but Vikings’ had it leveled up. I love the hint of smoked fish and the sweet Mangga in it. The flavor in general is more on the sweet side so it suits me well. The garlic and or spicy vinegar dip best compliment the taste. Recommended! 

Ensaladang Talong with Malunggay PestoVikings' Davao Ensaladang Talong with Malunggay Pesto 

To be honest, I’m not really a Talong (eggplant) person, yeah, shame on me. Blame it to the saggy texture of the eggplant meat. But I know many of you out there who are health conscious and or simply grew up in your mama’s kitchen have this dish from time to time on your table. Yes, it’s your usual ensaladang talong but with a Malunggay Pesto twist on the side. Isn’t it an interesting add-on to your usual talong? The healthiest bend your familiar ensaladang talong can ever have. Scoop a spoonful or two. 

Balot A la Pobre Pate Vikings' Davao Balot A la Pobre Pate  

There’s another way to eat your classic street balot out of the shell. That is to grab a bite or two of this thinly sliced bread topped with ground balot fused with an assortment of herbs and spices in it. The balot smell in the paste has mellowed and I must say this dish is a conclusive example of food amalgamation of the high and the low. Balot leveled up! 

Bagnet Salad Vikings' Davao Bagnet Salad 

Oh, for the love of crackling pork. If you’re craving for a crackling comfort, this all-time Ilocos favorite is an answer to that. Vikings’ version is full and flavorful. Dig in! 

Vikings Special Kinilaw Vikings' Davao Special Kinilaw 

Yet again another timeless Filipino favorite, kinilaw. Other than this is served with only the freshest catch from the seas of Davao, Vikings has enhanced it as you can see, adding Davao’s famous Suha and seagrasses in it. The mixture of spices, seasonings and notable zings in it went perfectly blended  transcending the classic. A must pick!

And for the soup, you’ll definitely enjoy the warmth of these all too familiar potage.

Balbacua Vikings Balbacua 

Vikings’ Kadayawan edition of Balbacua is tender, rich and intense. Experience your usual wayside favorite dish on a full-bodied level. Vikings’ has a ceaseless supply of beer that goes well with this dish and of course don’t forget to bring a buddy-buddy to share this with. A must eat! 

 Pancit Molo Vikings Pancit Molo 

Another Filipino tradition in a bowl is Pancit Molo. One of the delicious soup options you can have on August 11.


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