What's your travel music?

When uploads, downloads, iPods and iPads weren’t a thing yet, I used to have this Sony Walkman my mom bought me on my 18th birthday as my wealth for playlist. Owning that thing before was as ecstatic as you first own a latest iPad model today. You felt like you owned the most coveted thing this world has ever fashioned. 

A cassette tape only has at the most 18 tracks, all of Side A and Side B. I also have to wary about battery usage. I roll a pen at the cassette tape hole instead of pressing forward and reverse to get to the song I wanted a replay. Now, I couldn’t help but smile at my 90s self, so much effort. 

 photo Travel-Songs.jpg
Beyond Davao: Tree tunnel, Siquijor Island

I thought I’m lucky I’ve lived this space and followed how this music technology has evolved. Although, I haven’t really picked all of the products that showcased this part, not even a piece or two of ebs effects at musician'sfriend.com, as obviously, I’ll get poorer by the day if I’ll do. At least I’ve gotten the what I called benchmark technology for all of these – my iPad. After owning an iPad and have gotten the handle of how to exploit it music wise, I can’t thank the genius for changing my world. 

Moreso, the uploads and downloads that loads the same with thousands of country music that I can’t live without. That even if I rounded my destination twice, It wouldn’t be enough time to be able to hear all of them play. Got a hundred and more ‘Safe and Sound’ like hits in my travel playlist. Care to share yours?