Hey, awesome peeps of Davao City! After days of abstinence from meat in observance of the Holy Week, here is something you should check out to break your meat fast. It's satisfaction guaranteed, 100%.

Bulgogi Brothers, a premier Korean restaurant that specializes in bulgogi marinated barbecued meat, has come up with a superb line of Choice Barbecue Steaks on their menu. Excellent choices would include; 

Sirloin Steak, lean and generous slice of sirloin steak.
200g –P995 
400g – P1795 

Rib Eye Steak, hefty slices of fully marbled US rib eye steak.
200g – P995 
400g – P1795 

Rib Eye and Short Ribs Combo, comes in a generous serving of Bulgogi Brothers’ Premium meat combination.
200g Rib Eye Steak and 150g Short Ribs - P1895 
400g Rib Eye Steak and 150g Short Ribs – P2295 

And the three platters that we sampled; 

Sirloin Steak Platter (Php2495). This platter comes with a generous combination of rib eye steak, boneless short ribs and sirloin steak. The boneless short ribs in this set is a winner. It's so tender and so full of flavour. I can’t help but keep picking up. We were also served romaine lettuce for the wrap and a red sauce to complete our Korean barbecue experience. Recommended!

Bulgogi Brothers' Sirloin Steak Platter (Php2495)
Sirloin Steak Platter (Php2495)
 Pork Belly Platter (Php1795) A set of Korean BBQ favourites that include; rib eye steak, boneless short ribs and grilled pork belly. If you love pork this platter is for you. It also has the boneless short ribs I love to bits.

Bulgogi Brothers' Pork Belly Platter (Php1795)
Pork Belly Platter (Php1795)
Beef Belly Platter (Php1795). This platter comes in a trio of rib eye steak, boneless short ribs and beef belly BBQ. This is also a must try as again, it has the irresistible boneless short ribs that has the season that lingers you keep picking for more.
Bulgogi Brothers' Beef Belly Platter (Php1795)
Beef Belly Platter (Php1795)
If you worry about you smelling like barbecue while cooking on your tabletop, their very accommodating staff can do it for you. But then cooking on your tabletop is part of your Bulgogi Brothers’s dining experience. Don’t worry, they have a mighty working exhaust system, you wouldn't smell like barbecue after the meal at all. 

All of Bulgogi Brothers' meats are Choice Grade and cut from premium US Angus Beef, this is to ensure a tender and flavourful barbecue experience. All platters come in generous portions, perfect for family of 3 sharing. Other than these Choice Barbecue Steaks, Bulgogi Brothers’ still serve their all-time specialties; Bibimbap, Spicy Seafood Dumpling, King Galbi, Kimchi Stew just to name a few. 


Dad-a kamayo pamilya and enjoy Korean barbecue experience.

Second Level, SM Lanang Premier, 
Lanang, Davao City 

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  1. I miss bulgogi, the ones prepared in KOrea are really delicious!

  2. this set is already delicious Rose, how much more those prepared from where this cuisine came from. wush to have a food tour one one day soon in korea. thanks for dropping by.

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