Hibiscus Along Dacudao Avene

Hi Guys, its been a while that I haven’t been on the dashboard of this blog. I’ve been so tight with family schedules I don’t even have time to look at my face in the mirror.

Anyway, just a little update about me, well, nothing much, 💓 it’s just that I’m having fun working on putting up my online store. Yeah, after a long while I finally have my thoughts put together and decided to put up one. 

It's long time coming, but I think it’s not too late yet. I plan of collating handmade products from all over Mindanao, from mats to gongs to musical instruments and so much more. I am hoping you’re a a musicians friend as you’d enjoy lots of musical items that will be uploaded soon.

I know this is hard work and I plan to work harder. I will force myself to update this blog from now on. Thank you so much guys for sticking around.

Yours Sincerely,
Davao Bliss


  1. hi! I like your ideas of selling musical instruments as I am obsessed with everything connected to music. I also even manage the It is a bit different from yours, but still, it is about music.

  2. Thanks for coming back and writing nice short post. I bet that writing process was not easy. I my self struggle with writting so I know how difficult it could be.

  3. How wonderful that you turned, because I love to read your posts so much. It's good that every time you open more and more of your potential in the work. I have also recently returned to work on the site Work inspires me.